Laminar Flow

In Medicine and Pharmacy a high level of purity is absolutely mandatory. This applies particularly to genetic engineering, microbiological work and for working with cell cultures and thus relates to your daily work in the doc-tor's office, the laboratory or clinic.
Our clean bench offers an exceptional high cleanroom quality and sterility. It operates with a vertical-directed, low-turbulence airflow. Ultrafine fiber pa-per filters any floatable particles such as microorganisms and aerosols from the air.

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Safe solutions for your work environment



The Laminar Flow offered by W Medical Systems supports you in meeting quality and process reliability. The clean bench is highly portable and requires minimum space. You can simply place it on a level surface. No additional equipment is needed.

All benefits at a glance

  • (UV-) Workplace lightning
  • Adjustable front panel
  • High quality materials (HEPA filter, cold-rolled and stainless steel, etc.)
  • The flow rate can be easily ad-justed
  • Easy to handle soft touch type control panel

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