What is PhotoActive+?

Photoactive+ is an intelligent food supplement made from natural plant extracts. It contains the plant pigments chlorophyll (geen) and phycocyanin (blue).

The Role of Chlorophyll during Photosynthesis

Unlike humans, green plants are able to convert light energy into chemical energy (ATP) which they use for metabolic activities. This process is called photosynthesis. In a certain way we can also „soak up the sun“ but this form of energy cannot maintain our vital body functions, since we are not able to utilize the photons from the sunlight. This process requires an intermediate host. Green plants, for example.
For viability plants only need sunlight, water which they absorb through their roots and carbon dioxide which their leaves gather from the air. A further important prerequisite for photosynthesis is the presence of chlorophyll, which is also called leaf green. This dye molecule is only present in green plants. The task of chlorophyll is the absorption of sunlight. With the help of light energy, the plant can finally convert carbon dioxide and water into oxygen and carbo-hydrates (glucose).
If we then take up the chlorophyll in the form of food or food supplements, the energy stored in the plant is released in our body. The carbohydrates are required by the plant for its own metabolic processes. The oxygen is merely a "waste product". The plant therefore returns it to the envi-ronment. And so the cycle closes, for basically photosyn-thesis is a reversal to human breathing, in which oxygen is inhaled and carbon dioxide and water are exhaled.

Without Chlorophyll there is no Life

The fact that chlorophyll is not only essential for plants, but can also contribute to our health is widely known. The health-promoting effect has already been scientifically proven in many studies.
The green plant dye chlorophyll and the red blood dye, haemoglobin, are very similar in their molecular structure. Chlorophyll is therefore said to have a blood-forming function.

The Special Characteristic of our Chlorophyll

The human body can absorb chlorophyll only very poorly since it is not water-soluble. For this reason, PhotoActive+ contains two water-soluble forms of the green plant dye: Sodium-Magnesium-Chlorophyllin (200 mg/capsule) and Sodium-Copper-Chlorophyllin (100 mg/capsule). With these agents we can ensure the greatest possible bioavailability.

And what exactly is Phycocyanin?

Algae also carry out photosynthesis. The pigment, which gives blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) their typical blue color, is called phycocyanin. One of the most famous blue-green algae is Spirulina. Just like chlorophyll, phycocyanin has the task of capturing solar photons and initiating metabolic processes.

Maximum Ingredient Concentration

Spirulina is offered by numerous manufacturers in powder or tablet form.
However most conventional preparations contain no more than 10% of phycocyanin per capsule (corresponds to ap-proximately 40-50 mg/capsule). Only a few capsules we could find contained more than 120 mg of phycocyanin per capsule: one of the reasons why we do not use an algae preparation, but the pure active substance as such. Thus, we reach an amount of 200 mg of phycocyanin per capsule.

Best Bioavailability due to Liposomes

Unlike chlorophyll, phycocyanin is water-soluble and can be absorbed by the body, but this fact alone was not satisfying for us. With the aim of achieving the highest possible bioavailability, we decided to develop a liposomally bound form of the active ingredient. The world’s first liposomally bound phycocyanin! A liposome is a microscopic vesicle consisting of a double lipid layer. Our phycocyanin is embedded in such a liposome. The liposomal formulation changes the structure of the active substance in such a way that it can be better absorbed by the body. In the protection of the vesicle, the active ingredient is sheltered against premature metabolism and transported exactly to where it is needed. In addition, the liposomal structure extends plasma half-life.

Chlorophyllin and Phycocyanin - More than just Plant Pigments! Combination with Medical Laser Therapy

Even without the excitation by light, PhotoActive+ is an innovative and revolutionary active ingredient complex.
If the chlorophyllin-phycocyanin complex is additionally stimulated by laser light of certain wavelengths, it can have even stronger (photodynamic) effects.

What is Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)?

Photodynamic therapy is one of the most interesting and promising treatment approaches in the therapy of various cancer diseases. In addition, resistant bacterial, parasitic and viral diseases can be treated with PDT.
The principle is the stimulation of a light-sensitive substance (photosensitizer; often natural products without side ef-fects) which is administered to the patient beforehand (e.g., orally in the form of capsules). After a certain amount of time, tumor cells or microorganisms absorb this sub-stance with a high specificity. As a result, these cells or or-ganisms become light-sensitive. By irradiation with laser light of the appropriate wavelength corresponding to the absorption spectrum of the specific photosensitizer, the tumor tissue or the microorganisms are then destroyed by the formation of active oxygen radicals. In contrast to chemotherapies, photodynamic therapies can even strengthen the immune system in different ways.

Absorption Spectrum of Chlorophyll

As we already know, chlorophyll absorbs sunlight during photosynthesis. However, it is not able to use the complete color spectrum, but only the red (620-660 nm) and blue parts (400-450 nm). Medical laser therapy makes use of this finding: Photosensible substances such as chlorophyllin or phycocyanin can be stimulated by light of a specific wavelength in order to develop their photodynamic effect.
For chlorophyllin, a combination with the red and blue laser is recommended.

Absorption Spectrum of Phycocyanin

The absorption spectrum of phcocyanine is at a wavelength of between 580 and 660 nm. It absorbs light in the yellow-red range and can therefore be excited by the yel-low and red laser.

Advantage of liposomes for PDT

Also PDT benefits from the liposomally bound form of phycocyanin. Liposomes and micelles were the first investigated nanosystems that can incorporate hydrophilic, hydrophobic and amphiphilic substances to achieve an improved and targeted infiltration of the photosensitizer into tumor cells or microorganisms.

Why PhotoActive+ ?

  • The product has been developed in collaboration with physicians and scientists and is unique in the world. It is nowhere else available on the market.
  • PhotoActive+ contains the isolated form of the plant pigments chlorophyllin and phycocyanin. This ensures a high concentration of the active ingredients and thus guarantees a high efficiency.
  • Innovative manufacturing processes guarantee maximum bioavailability the active ingredients are transported to wherever they are needed.
  • Our valuable plant compounds are carefully pro-cessed. The capsules are vegetarian, organic and gluten-free as well as free from artificial colorings and flavors.
  • For the purpose of a PDT, the preparation can be successfully combined with the medical low-level laser therapy and can be easily integrated into the therapy plan.

Benefit from the complete capacity of PhotoActive + and combine it with our Laser Watch.

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