Electro-Capacitive Cancer Therapy (ECCT)

What is ECCT?

ECCT stands for Electro-Capacitive Cancer Therapy and is a method for cancer treatment that generates low intensity and low frequency electrical fields (frequency ~100 KHz, intensity: <30Vpp) to suppress cancer cell prolife-ration in the body. The technology is invented for the first time by Dr. Warsito P. Taruno and his team in Indonesia.

Principles of ECCT

Cancer cells are characterized by un-controlled cell division. ECCT can pre-vent the division of cancer cells.
Microtubules are significantly involved in cell division. These tubular intracellular polymers support the cell and give it shape and strength. They consist of al-pha (negatively charged) and beta-tubulin dimers (positively charged).
During mitosis, microtubules form the spindle apparatus to separate chromo-somes into daughter cells.
Microtubules are sensitive to electric fields due to their electrical polarization. The electric field generated by the ECCT device disrupts the construction and degradation of the microtubules by inhibiting the correct formation of the spindle apparatus. Thus, it prevents cell division and the growth of tumors and metastases.
On the one hand, the proliferation of cancer cells is prevented by the supp-ression of cell division.
On the other hand, the programmed cell death (apoptosis) is initiated by the electric field:
The direct current flowing between the electrodes causes the Na+ and H+ ions of the cell to be drawn to the cathode and the Cl- ions to the anode, which results in a tissue-damaging change in pH values. The direct current also chan-ges the membrane potentials and membrane permeability, which in turn leads to disruption of the metabolic cell functions. The tumor cell can now be weakened and degraded.

Process and Progress of Cancer Treatment with ECCT

The figure shows the macroscopic process of “melting” cancer cells and regenerating normal cells while treating an open wound. The destruction of cancer cells occured in a very short time of just a month. The regeneration process of normal cells can take up to several years.

Why are healthy cells unaffected by ECCT?

Cancer cells have other electric proper-ties than healthy cells. They have lower potassium levels and lower sodium and water contents und therefore a lower electrical resistance which makes them more responsive to external electric fields.
Healthy cells do not absorb the electri-cal current since they have a much higher resistance. Intensity and fre-quency of the ECCT device are too low to affect them.
The response to the external electric field is very intense during the process of cell division due to the high electric ten-sion generated by microtubule activity during mitosis.
As the ECCT device works with low fre-quency and low intensity, the therapy is safe. It may cause little side effects.

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