EndoLight® Band

Our Laser Watch 2.0 comes in a slim design. It now has 7x more power than the Spectra Watch and more true laser diodes.
For your well-being.


The EndoLight® inspires you to live a healthier life

and accompanies you through everyday life. 30 minutes per day is enough to benefit from the advantages.


How does it work?

The unique arrangement of laser diodes in the EndoLight® guarantees optimal light irradiation of the circulating blood via the arteries in your wrist for an effect on the entire body. On a systemic level, each wavelength, or color, exerts its own benefits.

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Recharge, Relax, Recover - It's up to you!

Place the band on your wrist, select one of the three modes (Recharge, Relax or Recover) and feel the effect.

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Slim design

Thanks to the ultra-light, flat and ergonomic design, the EndoLight® can be worn anywhere and anytime (patent pending).

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The perfect combination

Intelligent food supplements that react to light.

UltraDefense EN

Content: 60 Capsules (€1.07* / 1 Capsules)

UltraCur EN

Content: 60 Capsules (€1.25* / 1 Capsules)

UltraProtect EN

Content: 60 Capsules (€1.07* / 1 Capsules)