Protects your immune system

Riboflavin in its best form: active and water-soluble

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The Ayurvedic Allrounder

Curcumin with a proven high bioavailability

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Concentrated Plant Power

Contains two water-soluble forms of chlorophyll and liposome-bound phycocyanin (the essence of spirulina)

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Energy supplier for (grey) cells

Active ingredient combination of green tea extract, niacin and CoQ10

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100% Nature & Sustainability

We use only high-quality and carefully processed ingredients that can be traced from the field to the finished capsule.

Maximum Bioavailability

We use liposomes and the anti-inflammatory N-acetylcysteine so that your body can optimally absorb the ingredients and get them where they are needed.

What makes our supplements so special?

All our supplements contain light-sensitive substances and can be taken as an oral photosensitizer as part of photodynamic therapy (PDT).


Make full use of the plant potential

Laser Watch Spectra

Weber Medical LED Infrared Helmet

LED Infrared Pad