Boost your Immune System

Riboflavin in its best form: Active and water-soluble

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The Ayurvedic Allrounder

Curcumin with a proven high bioavailability


Concentrated Plant Power

Contains two water-soluble forms of chlorophyll and liposome-bound phycocyanin (the essence of spirulina)

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100% Nature & Sustainability

We use only high-quality and carefully processed ingredients that can be traced from the field to the finished capsule.

Maximum Bioavailability

We use liposomes and the anti-inflammatory N-acetylcysteine so that your body can optimally absorb the ingredients and get them where they are needed.

What makes our supplements so special?

All our supplements contain light-sensitive substances and can be taken as an oral photosensitizer as part of photodynamic therapy (PDT).


Make full use of the plant potential

Laser Watch Spectra

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Weber Medical LED Infrared Helmet

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LED Infrared Pad

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