PRP Kit Cell Regeneration+ 

Safe autologous blood preparation in just a few minutes


Thanks to the proven high yield of platelets and growth factors, results are quickly visible.

The procedure is simple, cheap and time-saving. The therapy has no side effects.


Only four simple steps

Blood sampling

Thanks to the special properties of the vacuum tubes, blood is taken quickly and safely.


Our tubes are compatible with most commercially available centrifuges. For a quick, easy and safe platelet preparation take a look at our PRP centrifuge

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PRP Extraction

The special gel in the tubes allows a clean separation of the plasma from the remaining blood components.


PRP is a versatile therapy that is often used in the field of orthopedics and aesthetic medicine.

PRP brought to the next level

To save you additional work steps, the tubes are already equipped with an anticoagulant and a special separating gel


PRP Equipment

Our PRP kits are available with tubes in different sizes and material